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PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT at Arts Educational Drama School

February 17, 2018

I saw PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT at least three times at the Palace Theatre in London including the incredible New Years Eve last night. I have seen it another three times on tour in the UK. So was it seven times lucky at Arts Educational?

Quite frankly I was blown away by the energy and the authenticity that the Arts Ed graduates have brought to this production.

Arts Ed have added an extra dimension to this show using their polished ensemble. The musical numbers are bigger because of the expanded choreography of the ensemble. Yet they have lost none of the intimacy of the original show. Adam George-Smith gave a performance as Bernadette that would have stolen the show. If it was not for Ben Tyler who had me in tears from the incredible sensitivity of his first scene as Tick/Mitzi. Or for the exuberance and daring of Toby Miles not to be afraid to be as queer as they come with his Adam/Felicia. Three exceptional leading men/ladies.

How can I stop praising the future of British musical theatre. Megan Sharp suspends disbelief as the busty Shirley. Jessica Lee as the most outrageous performance of Cynthia. Charlotte Jaconelli as the Opera Diva ;how can you sing like that? Every single one of you young men and women that sang and danced and created characters deserve praise, because you gave this show that extra dimension I have never seen before.

This production was not afraid to tackle the difficult issues of discrimination and for the first time seeing this show I felt the vulnerability in the story. Well done to Arts Ed for giving us a dazzling celebration of queer culture yet presenting the hard truth of the world we live in at the same time. The emotional highs and lows of this production are not for the faint hearted. Somehow you have managed to outshine all of the production values of the West End spectacular with your honetsy and enthusiasm.

Simpy wonderful.


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