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MARY STUART at Duke of Yorks Theatre

February 17, 2018

At the opening of MARY STUART a coin is spun and and the winner plays Elizabeth I and the loser plays Mary Queen of Scots. Juliet Stevenson lost the toss and so played Mary and Lia Williams won and played Elizabeth the night I was at the Duke of York Theatre in the West End.

Both actresses are amazing and they embody the power play between these incredible historical icons. It took me a little while to get into the story although I do not know why. Once I was hooked I enjoyed every minute of it and there are a lot of minutes.My burning memory is of these two women on stage although they only briefly meet in one scene.

The play is populated with the men that surround the two of them. These male characters serve themselves rather than their Queens. There must be a lesson in there for us all. Good performances all round.

I am not sure about the design. I would have preferred more help in telling the story and defining the scenes. I am not sure I have seen the best production of this play although I can believe I have seen the best performances of the two female leads. Worth it for the two of them.


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