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THE GREAT COMET of 1812 at the Imperial Theatre on Broadway

June 5, 2017

Natasha Pierre’s THE GREAT COMET 1812 at the Imperial Theatre on Broadway has received 12 nominations for the Tony Awards. As soon as you enter the theatre it is clear that this is more of an event than a play. One enters a spectacular night club and it is clear that the action is going to be all around. I can imagine that working if In fact I was in a night club and the evening was supplemented by this entertainment whilst I was enjoying an evening with friends. There is some very interesting musical arrangements and some good performances. Many moments worth remembering such as the rousing chorus sang by the cast from the rear mezzanine.

The fact that I had paid $170 for a seat in the front mezzanine a Broadway show altered my perspective somewhat. Clever staging is not enough. I can get this at Cirque du Soleil or more authentic events such as the incredible “Parade” in Amsterdam. This was a show based on the characters of “War and Peace”. I only followed the vague story because I saw an excellent BBC dramatisation last year. Most will have no concept of story from this production. I found it tedious in the extreme in the first act. If this content was presented on a stage it would be close to dire.

The second act was better possibly because it was shorter and there was a notably more of Josh Groban who is a world class singer. He acts rather brilliantly too. I am not deliberately swimming against the hype. Perhaps this was great expectations being dashed but I left the theatre for the second time ever on Broadway feeling very underwhelmed.


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