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ANASTASIA at the Broadhurst Theatre on Broadway

June 5, 2017

ANASTASIA at the Broadhurst Theatre is an excellent show. It is a great story that is told exceptionally well. There is a warm slow burn to the heart at the centre of this production. The extremely high quality digital backdrop projections augment a classical set and bring an authenticity to the setting. Finally the technology is actually supporting the production rather than overwhelming or even detracting from it.

The music is wonderful with memorable numbers. This is a tightly structured Broadway show with the form which reminds one why Broadway is the home of musicals.

The cast are an exceptional collection of voices. I adore Ramin Karimloo who has one of the best controlled voices on the stage. Derek Klena has everything you want in a young male lead; looks and talent. Mary Beth Peil brings a majesty to the production with a sense of Broadway aristocracy in her performance. Christy Altomare is just delightful as the lead with a powerful voice.

Every single aspect of this show is perfectly presented with the world class professionalism of a top hit Broadway show. There is a magical quality to this show which lies somewhere between theatre and a movie in the mind.


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