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PETER PAN in the Olivier Theatre

May 8, 2017

The Bristol Old Vic production of PETER PAN in the Olivier Theatre at the National was genuinely a return to childhood for me. This completely original devised production had moments of absolute magic that just made me feel like I was a child. A series of very clever conceptual creative decisions lie behind this magic. Firstly the flying in completely transparent with the rig and cables visible. Actors counterbalance each other on the rig. Once we accept the mechanics they just become a part of the magic and the flying is real. It is like children on swings pretending to fly but we are in the same game so we believe it too.

The familiar characters are really different from anything I have ever seen before. Paul Hilton’s Peter Pan is almost punk yet ever so respectable. Saikat Ahamed’s Tinkerbell stomps about as a hilarious bull in a china shop. Most of all the inspired casting of Anna Francolini as Mrs Darling and captain Hook makes this Peter Pan all about “motherhood”. Through her I saw a whole new dimension to the Peter Pan story that so much more meaning and gave me deep insight into my own identification with Peter Pan. Her performance is awesome. She is so scary as Hook. Absolutely chilling.

This zany, fun, colourful, thoughtful, energetic PETER PAN was the perfect tonic for a cold winter night.


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