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May 31, 2016

Can you imagine sitting and watching your young self at school in Birmingham in the 1970’s? This was exactly what I was presented with when I saw THE ROTTER’S CLUB at the Birmingham Rep because the young lead actor, Charlie Mills was the spitting image of me (hair style included) when I was at George Dixon’s Grammar School in Birmingham in the 1970’s. The only difference was he has a maroon blazer where as I wore a green blazer.

The Rotter’s Club by Jonathan Coe is a wonderful novel of adults with reminiscing about school days in Birmingham in 1970’s. Richard Cameron’s adaptation sets the story in real time in the school of the novel. We get to experience the story first hand through the young characters and this is a very interesting twist to the story in the novel.

This is a production by the young rep and the quality of the performances was excellent. I am completely biased because it really was like watching myself but Charlie Mills as Ben Trotter was incredible and if acting is his chosen profession then he has a great career ahead of him. The strength of this production is of course in a consistency of performance by the whole cast. Very well done.

Rotter's Club


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