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MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS at the Noel Coward Theatre

April 9, 2016

Terry Johnson’s MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS at the Noel Coward Theatre is an old fashioned period light comedy with an interesting story and pleasant characters. It is a very enjoyable and engaging play. Every aspect of the production is polished with well designed sets and costumes. I like Tracie Bennett and she is excellent as Mrs Henderson. Ian Bartholomew is very likeable as her manager. Emma Williams is particularly good as the young female lead Maureen. Samuel Holmes brings so much warmth with his character Bertie who plays an important role bringing so many scenes together.

However there is a very big BUT. George Fenton has composed a beautiful incidental score which perfectly conjures up the era BUT he has not composed one single decent musical number. The cast work really hard with the material that they have and with Andrew Wright’s choreography and Terry Johnson’s deft directing this feels like a musical. Ultimately disappointing as very few shows last where you come out of the theatre without being able to remember a single tune.

Mrs Henderson Presents

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