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FLARE PATH at The Belgrade

November 9, 2015

Terence Rattigan’s FLARE PATH at the Belgrade Theatre was an accomplished and authentic production. The Belgrade lends itself to an almost time machine experience where “one” feels “one” could be viewing the play at its first performance in 1942. There is a great risk that this play could be viewed as satire through our “French and Sauders/Monty Python” eyes and ears. However once you get past that perspective this is a very interesting insight into the actual lives of actual people in this period. It is this historical perspective that makes Terrance Rattigan plays so interesting and enjoyable to me.

At the heart of the plot is a love triangle. Leon Ockenden is spot on as the Clark Gable like Hollywood movie actor, Peter Kyle. I warmed on cue to Alastair Whatley as Flight Lieutenant Graham. Olivia Hallinan showed the perfect balance of restraint and release as the woman in between the two of them. An excellent supporting cast made this a very well rounded and perfectly executed piece of theatre. I particularly likes Siobbhan O’Kelly as Doris who I thought had possibly the best written part, and Steffanie Jacob as Mrs Oakes who provided much of the glue between the characters.

Flair Path


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