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THE KINGS DANCES at Birmingham Hippodrome

June 28, 2015

I was at the world premier of THE KINGS DANCES by Birmingham Royal Ballet at the Hippodrome.

“The ballet is freely based on “Le Ballet de la Nuit” from 1653. It may be said that ballet was ‘invented’ by one man when King Louis XIV of France danced the role of Apollo, the Sun God in the ballet “Le Ballet de la Nuit”. Ballet developed in France during the reign of Louis, who was passionate about dance. The king took daily lessons and surrounded himself with the most talented artists to create his court ballets.These ballets were almost exclusively danced by men and usually had an allegorical theme of concord and harmony, combined with praise of the monarch. Casting in court ballets was determined by talent, not social status, and because roles were awarded on technical merity enabled lower ranking nobles or members of entirely different classes to dance beside the King.” David Bintley.

David Bintley’s contemporary original interpretation exudes all of the majesty of the Court of a great Monarch. There is a feeling of primordial power with an imposed order with a deliberate feeling of the court. Iain Mackay is possibly the best male dancer at BRB and he powerfully dances three distinct roles. The imagery and the almost secret ceremony of this all male ballet was both exciting and incredibly deeply thought provoking. I would love to see this ballet again very soon.

The Kings Dances


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