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RESULT at the Pleasance Theatre

June 9, 2015

Writers and Directors Alex Clarke and Toby Clarke’s play RESULT at the Pleasance Theatre started from a conversation with their Premier League Consultant Sports Psychologist brother at youth academy level. They have researched into the mental health, masculinity and adolescence of these young players and have devised an awesome production around the youth academy experience..

From the moment I walked into the theatre and sat down at the edge of the stage/pitch there was a feeling of “reality” and I could even smell “deep heat”. The young troop of actors Paul Adeyefa, Jules Chan, Joel Phillimore, Zephryn Taitte, Liam Steward-George and Leon Tennant work as a team from the get go, perpetuating the feeling of experiencing an actual football academy rather than a play. Cameron Jack playing Carl, the coach and Richard James-Clarke playing Mark, the sports psychologist both give great performances. They are a wonderful contrast and their relationship is the red-line within the play.

However it is the performances by the young men of the academy who move as if they are classically trained ballet dancers in incredibly dynamic choreographed football scenes which really lifts this play to a higher level of performance. Very impressive. I hope this play gets the stage time it deserves.



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