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OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR at the Belgrade Theatre

June 9, 2015

The setting could not have been more perfect than at a weekday matinee at The Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. Britain’s first city to be bombed in the blitz with an audience that had lived through it. The cast led the audience in a chorus of “Happy Birthday” for Betty who was sitting in the box and was there for her 80th Birthday. One of the younger members of the audience. I was prepared for an enjoyable afternoon at the theatre.

However OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR THE MUSICAL was a huge disappointment. Besides one incredible show stopping performance by Wendi Peters this was a dreary and very drab affair. I believe that the casting of Ian Reddington who last performed in this play 35 years ago was a huge mistake. He is too old for the part. It was embarrassing watching him shuffle about the stage. The whole production had a depressing air of low energy. Unfortunately the experience was made worse by an old lady incessantly fiddling with an old plastic bag on her lap. I looked round to give her one of my death stares, but she was such a lovely little old lady, that I could not possibly do anything other than smile, as if I was checking that she was enjoying the show.

I left as soon as Act One was over and I was not the only one rushing to the car park!

Oh What a Lovely War


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