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MAN AND SUPERMAN at the National

March 25, 2015

Simon Odwin and Christopher Oram’s modern re-imagining of George Bernard Shaw’s MAN AND SUPERMAN in the Lyttleton at the National Theatre is masterful. This production explodes Shaw’s philosophical debate about marriage into an epic presentation within the mind. It feels modern and very relevant.

My absolute favourite Act from this play set in Hell with Tim McMullan as the Devil, Indira Varma as Ann, Ralph Fiennes as Don Juan/John Tanner and Nicolas Le Provost as Malone is a most delightful surreal engaging experience. There was a kind of hyper-reality as if one was inside one’s own imagination pondering the most interesting aspects of existence.

This is the third time I have seen Ralph Fiennes on the stage. Ibsen’s Brand and Shakespeare’s The Tempest both at Theatre Royal Haymarket previously. His performance is astounding in a play that lasts three and a half hours. From the second he appears he establishes his character through the idiosyncrasies of his physical movements. I am not sure I have ever experienced such a perfect marriage of spoken word and movement within a performance.

This is a play that like other great masterpieces that I have seen at the National will remain vivid in my memory.

Man and Superman


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