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MY NIGHT WITH REG at the Apollo

February 18, 2015

MY NIGHT WITH REG by Kevin Elyot at the Apollo Theatre was very dull for me. My expectations were high as I was expecting a real insight into the world of Gay life in England in the 1980’s. Having lived Gay life in England in the 1980’s I was really pleased I did not have to suffer the world of this play. Maybe it had something to do with what you get away with on the stage in 1980’s London or trying too hard to make this an acceptable drawing room drama for a wide audience.

The main problem was I really did not like or even respect a central character GUY played by Jonathan Broadbent. He was totally flat, dull and incredibly drippy and an awful stereotype. Most of the plot revolves around his apartment with him which I believe is the central problem of this play for me personally.

What I loved was Julian Ovenden’s performance who played John and what is not to like when a dreamboat such as he is totally naked in one scene. Benny played by Matt Bardock and his partner Bernie played by Richard Cant were both very believable characters. Geoffrey Streafield’s over the top Daniel was not my cup of tea either BUT Lewis Reeves’ young fresh Eric was a complete delight.

Pity because I thought this would be an iconic play of gay 80’s England and it is NOT!

My Night with Reg  by Kevin Elyot  at the Apollo Theatre


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