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THE JAMES PLAYS in Olivier Theatre

December 13, 2014

The JAMES PLAYS are three plays by Rona Munro about James I, James II and James III of Scotland staged in the Olivier Auditorium at the National Theatre. I found James I interesting because it was history that was new to me.

The staging was sparse and there was a very annoying metal floor which squeaked intolerably. The lighting was very uninspired. The performances were good although I found the very modern language juxtaposed with the ancient setting too jarring sometimes.Overall I was not that happy.

James II looked exactly like James I in design and to be very honest although it was of course a different story I got the feeling I was watching more of the same. I struggled to keep my eyes open for some scenes and I just felt I had had enough Scottish History so I took the unusual decision to leave after the first Act. I just felt I was going to get more of the same.

I was never really engaged and I had this feeling of simply learning about history rather than enjoying a play.I decided to avoid disappointment and so I gave James III a miss.

James I


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