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December 13, 2014

MADE IN DAGENHAM THE MUSICAL at the Adelphi Theatre is great entertainment for those who love musical comedy. This is a big budget high quality production with something for everybody. Gemma Arterton is an excellent lead with a faultless performance throughout. My favourite performer besides her was Sophie-Louise Dann who is a superb Barbara Castle. I also really liked Sophie Stanton as naughty Beryl.

It is the females that stand out in this story about women making the breakthrough in the fight for equal pay supported by the males. There are lots of musical numbers with men and women singing ensemble which I thought tended to blend into one another a little too much. The backbone to this show are its solo performance musical numbers which are well staged, well performed character driven songs which always hit the right note.

Recently we have suffered a series of very disappointing musical flops in the West End and a series of Juke Box Musicals which I just do not care to see. This show although not in the league of the wonderful “Betty Blue Eyes” is a reminder that the West End can still create original big entertaining musical comedies.

Made in Dagenham


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