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June 22, 2014

CLARENCE DARROW at the Old Vic was Kevin Spacey’s eulogy for his time as Artistic Director these past ten years. Clarence Darrow was a US legal legend for the little guy and an advocate for the common folk. Kevin Spacey will be remembered as a US legend who invigorated the Old Vic and placed the Grand Dame back at the centre stage of the London Theatre scene.

Kevin Spacey is Clarence Darrow with his remarkable and mischievous skill to inhabit a character and communicate powerfully and directly to the audience with that character’s voice. He has the widest of performance ranges from the gravitas of a great orator to the humility of frightened outsider which holds us to his every word and every action. He is an absolute master of his class.

This was the perfect play with the perfect actor in the perfect space.



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  1. My partner and me came all the way from Austria to see him at the Old Vic and it was absolutely breathtaking.
    He blew us away in every single moment (and it was way too short)!

    I really hope that he will do one more play next year before his retirement..

    Cheers from Salzburg

    Doris 🙂

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