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PIPPIN at The Music Box Broadway

May 8, 2014

PIPPIN at the Music Box Theatre on Broadway took me back to the very first time I went to the theatre. This show was as if I were a child again discovering musical theatre for the very first time. I think I just sat there through the first Act with my jaw open. Conceptually, artistically, and for sheer performance this musical was just too much sensory stimulation for my little mind to take in. Every single tiny detail of every single aspect of this show is a master class in Broadway excellence.

The plot is the hero’s journey based on historical characters around Charlemagne and is given a timeless context by setting the story amongst a circus troop. Terrence Mann gives a splendid comic performance as the King. Super young hunk Kyle Dean Massey is dreamy as young Prince Pippin. Clara Renee is simply astoundingly good as the Leading Player of the circus demonstrating the extraordinary singing and dancing required to get a lead role in a Broadway show. What really makes this show so good is that every single cast member puts in a first class performance and is at the top of their game. Phenomenal.



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