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February 28, 2014

I love Propeller and every time I see one of their productions of Shakespeare I get more insight into what it must have been like to watch those plays as part of the original Tudor and Jacobean audience who they were written for. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM at the Belgrade was a romp with their usual high standards. Their canvas for this production are the white faced clowns called pierrot which works perfectly as we drift between the worlds of Ancient Athens and Fairy Folk.

The guys have really nailed this play and every part is played perfectly. I particularly liked the mechanicals Chris Myles as Bottom, David Acton as Quince, Alasdair Craig as Flute, Lewis Hart as Snout, Mathew McPherson as Snug and Mathew Person as Starveling. This ensemble play several roles each seamlessly giving even more depth to the intertwining sub-plots in more of a dance than a play.

Robin Goodfellow has centre stage in this play and Joseph Chance steps up to the mark playing him with a deft touch which makes him both adorable and mischievous. He creates a perfect central star for all of the other stars to orbit in this marvellous production.



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