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THE WEIR at Wyndhams Theatre

February 9, 2014

There is always something remarkable about plays written by Irish play-writes. Somehow they always manage to anchor you into the setting with the characters on stage yet there is always this deeper connection. A resonance and yearning for community which passes through time and place yet is connected to your gut. Conor McPherson’s play THE WEIR at the Wyndhams Theatre is a wonderful example of this magical Irish ‘gift of the gab’.

It is an afternoon in a pub near a small hamlet far away from Dublin. Brian Cox gives a tour de force performance as Jack who through the part and Cox’s own stage gravitas is the anchor around which all the other characters circle. The very cute Peter McDonald is enigmatic as Brendon who owns the pub. Ardal O’Hanlon is so sympathetic as Jim who on the surface is the village idiot yet is full of common sense wisdom to those who actually listen to him. Risteard Cooper gives a highly strung and edgy performance as Finbar the self-made man with an Ego to match. I think the protagonist is Valerie played exquisitely by Tara Breathnach who skilfully presents the broadest character arch in the play.

Great set, Great performances, Great play. UNMISSABLE.



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