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THE PASS upstairs at the Royal Court

February 9, 2014

Russell Tovey in THE PASS at the Upstairs Theatre in the Royal Court is without doubt one of my most incredible theatrical experiences. The play is set in three separate hotel rooms over time during the developing career of our superstar footballer played by Russell Tovey. I was on the front row so it felt more like an actual site-specific hotel room than a set. Gary Carr plays Ade another footballer and is as incredible as Tovey. The two of them create electricity in the room. Lisa McGrillis as Lyndsey and Nico Mirallegro as Harry are top class in the supporting roles.

As well as stunning performances this play by John Donnelly is full of insight into repression and acceptance and the role they play forming our path through life. This is a cautionary tale for young men about choosing “love” or choosing “the love of power” as your direction in life. I felt myself relating to the young footballers because I have faced those same choices just in different arena. This is a play about football but mostly it is a play about the acceptance of homosexuality, homo eroticism and the gradual transformation of our macho male culture into a more metro sexual world.




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