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SNOW WHITE and the SEVEN DWARFS at Birmingham Hippodrome

December 27, 2013

By far the BEST performance I have ever seen as a Pantomime Villain is without any doubt Stephanie Beacham as the Evil Queen at the Birmingham Hippodrome. She certainly showed Joan Collins how it is done! She is genuinely scary and reminded me of all those chilling moments from childhood and even some from adulthood when the dominant female in the room is using their considerable influence to get their way. She is surrounded by an absolute stellar cast who all give remarkable performances led by a very camp John Partridge as the Prince and Danielle Hope with her sweet singing voice as Snow White. There is plenty of comedy provided by Gary Wilmot as the Dame, Paul Zerdin with his ventriloquist puppet Sam and especially the very funny man Matt Slack. Even Gok Kwan who can’t sing or dance played his part as himself very well.

This is as usual a top notch production and quite possibly as advertised the best pantomime in Great Britain. This year the overall design in sets, costumes, lighting and the music from the band seemed to have a special quality. I hope I am not giving too much away when I say that the “Brummie” Dragon is amazing. I am so pleased that the producers have gotten over their love affair with 3D glasses and film projection and are back to theatrical basics with real sets with real animatronics. A perfect pantomime for the Boxing day matinee which gave me the feeling I had enjoyed one of those incredible variety shows that used to pack this and all the other theatres across Britain before TV. Wonderful.



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