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December 22, 2013

AMERICAN PSYCHO: A NEW MUSICAL THRILLER at the Almeida is just AWESOME! Awesome songs and music, awesome design and awesome performances from an awesome cast. I think you probably get the idea that I quite liked it. Liked it! I LOVED it. This is the BEST SHOW in town and I am sure it will transfer to a main West End House very soon. In every single aspect where Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical fails AMERICAN PSYCHO: A NEW MUSICAL THRILLER succeeds.

What is so exciting about this show to me is that it moves the whole genre of musical theatre into another dimension in the same way that I believe “The Rocky Horror Show” did in the 1970’s. This show takes this story about the absolute genesis of the selfish and materialistic increasingly unequal society in the 1980’s and presents it in an original almost live TV studio set concept. Half of the producing partnership Act4Entertainment exists to create content that is socially conscious and this show achieves their objective of enhancing understanding through well crafted stories that inspire. The other half of the producing partnership are the innovative and accomplished UK touring company Headlong.

The great strengths of this show are: the visionary director Rupert Goold who really understands how to reach an audience in an original concept; an outstanding ensemble cast with particularly excellent performances by Susannah Fielding and Jonathan Baily: and the PERFECT LEAD in Matt Smith. From the moment he appears on stage on his sunbed in the opening scene Matt Smith IS Patrick Bateman – the American Psycho. What an actor – adorable and impressive. The Universe really has come together here and created a masterpiece of musical theatre for our age.



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