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SATYAGRAHA at the London Coliseum

November 24, 2013

The second opera I saw was Philip Glass‘s extraordinary epic SATYAGRAHA about the message of Ghandi. I think you either love Philip Glass’s music or you hate it. I LOVE it.

I struggled with the first Act because I was expecting “English”from the English National Opera but this opera comprises sanskrit chants from the text of the Bhagavada Gita. Once I understood that rather than following every line literally I could sit back and experience more of a meditation from the chanting and the music this opera came alive for me.

Once again the epic design just blew my mind away. In this production in collaboration with Improbable theatre company huge puppets created from paper mache seem to turn pages of text from the Bhagavada Gita into symbols of action.

Above all this production beautifully and powerfully projects the most critical and so often neglected message from Ghandi and all the great prophets of the importance of love for all of humanity. “A farmer taught me the real meaning of love of humanity: to love your neighbour is to feel his needs and to endure his suffering.” Rabbi Mosche Leyb of Sassov C18th-19th.



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