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DUNSINANE at the Birmingham Rep

September 30, 2013

Director Roxana Silbert has weaved wonders in the National Theatre of Scotland‘s production of David Grieg’s DUNSINANE at the Birmingham Rep. This is epic traditional narrative theatre at its very best. The play tells the story of Scotland shortly after the death of Macbeth. The writer has clearly researched the subject very well and written an engaging story around four core characters which, not only gives us a historical perspective, but insight into how the cultures of the great kingdoms and England and Scotland are from such different roots.

Designer Robert Innes Hopkins’ setting was simple yet, very effective and the combination of subtle lighting, authentic costumes and supporting original music from the small live band gave a sumptuous Hollywood matinee movie feel to the production. We see and hear a revealing character ark from Tom Gill as the boy soldier and an excellent performance by Jonny Phillips as Siward Lord of Northumberland. Together they tell the story of the English supported by a strong young cast. Sandy Grierson is the villian yet pragmatist King Malcolm and Siobhan Redmond is simply incredible as mother earth Queen Gruach. Together supported by two enchanting singing women they tell the story of the Scots.



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