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As You Like it at the RSC

September 3, 2013

Director; Maria Aberg and Designer; Naomi Dawson with an incredible ensemble cast, led by the truly amazing Pippa Nixon as Rosalind and the very special Alex Waldmann as Orlando, have created something wonderful this summer from Shakespeare’s AS YOU LIKE IT. There were moments of transcendence during the performance set in the Forest of Arden as though time itself stood still. An incredible sense of connection and belonging. What an achievement.

It is the first time I have seen the play and I loved all of the usual complex Shakespearean interweaving of relationships. I felt like there was a hint of reflection of his past plots in a grand reworking placing a heroin centre stage. Although that heroin part was of course written for a young man to play. Someone Shakespeare must have had great admiration for as it stands out as the most significant female I can remember amongst his plays. Pippa Nixon is absolutely brilliant and she brings the house down.

Original music by Laura Marling gives a magical folk festival feel which really uplifts and adds an important dimension to the overall design and performance of this play. There have been some excellent productions this year at the RSC in Stratford since the new artistic director Gregory Doran took the helm. This is a sparkling summer celebration which really captures the true magic of living in Shakespeare’s world of the Forest of Arden.



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