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Titus Andronicus at the Swan RSC

July 4, 2013

Mike and I both love the Swan Theatre at the RSC in Stratford Upon Avon. It is the perfect space for enjoying an intimate theatrical experience. Last week we saw TITUS ANDRONICUS in the Swan. One of the best experiences of Shakespeare that I have ever enjoyed. There is not a moment in the play when there is a let up from revenge be getting revenge. I felt like we were being hauled along in a never ending cycle of worsening despair. There was an absolute sense of a combination of excitement and relief at the end of what seemed a jet propelled first Act. The same incredible energy was maintained throughout the second act.

This is a very well designed play by Colin Richmond using all of the space inventively. The director Michael Fentiman has successfully transposed this excellent play into the Swan and has motivated his cast to give stunning performances. I am still amazed thinking back at the sheer sense of movement within the plot. It felt like being on a rollercoaster ride inside a gory haunted house. Every sense was assaulted. Every aspect of this production came together perfectly creating the feeling of being there as it all happened.

The brilliant ensemble cast delivered a masterclass in acting. Sarah Ridgeway as the spitefully wicked Goth Queen. Rose Reynolds as the helplessly pitiful Lavinia. John Hopkins as a seductive and commanding Saturninus. Kevin Harvey as Aaron the moor speaks with a velvet lilting voice so that I hung from every word.

This production of TITUS ANDRONICUS in The Swan is OUTSTANDING Shakespeare.



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