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TWO by Moorpool Players

May 23, 2013

Norma Mason invited me to a production by the Moorpool Players of Jim Cartwright‘s play TWO. What an adventure! Moorpool is a small garden suburb in Harbourne, Birmingham. Nestled behind a fishing lake and the village bowling green is the Moorpool Hall where the amateur dramatics company the Moorpool Players present their productions. There is a real family community feel to the place. Norma’s husband Tex has been building the sets for the productions for over thirty years.

The new director Debbie Scattergood decided to expand this two hander into a larger production to create more involvement across the company. What a great decision that was. The play takes place in a pub up ‘ North and by expanding the action with many smaller non-speaking parts such as the ‘hen party’ and numerous couples we get the feel of being in a real pub which gives the play a sense of realism.

The stream of speaking customers are played by individuals well cast from what is obviously a strong company. Practically every performance was very believable with no sign of the “amateur dramatics” from this cast. Perhaps there was room for a little containment from one rather enthusiastic young man and a little bit more enthusiasm from one young lady where personality seemed to outdo the acting but overall excellent performances from this obviously experienced group.

A special mention must be made about Mark Earey and Linda Philips who play the Landlord and Landlady of the pub. They are the spine of the play and the two of them give exceptional performances. I am not at all surprised that TWO was sold out for all of the five performances.



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