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The Low Road

May 5, 2013

Bruce Norris in his play THE LOW ROAD gives us a history lecture about the social origins of the evils of today’s profit driven financial Society. His play is mostly the story of a young child born in the American Colonies at the time of Revolution. He is mistaken as the bastard son of George Washington named Jim taken in by Mrs Trumpett, a brothel owner. He is schooled in how to survive by carving out a role as the commercial manager of the brothel as he grows up. The idea is that these values underpin the growth of enterprise in the new democracy with the puritan pilgrims mostly dying out.

Norris briefly links the past to a conference of wealthy financial individuals in the present day, one of whom is the descendant of the young Jim Tumpett and we are led to the conclusion that a hive of bees is an infinitely superior social structure of civilization than our own sorry attempt to organise ourselves.

Bill Paterson as Adam Smith narrates us through most of the proceedings in what really does feel more like a lecture than a play. If I am honest I got quite bored of the lecture. However, Elizabeth Berrington was wonderful as Mrs Trumpett and Johnny Flynn as Jim has incredible charisma on stage which alone made the play worth watching. Overall though not a patch on Bruce Norris’s amazing play Clybourne Park.



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