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This House

May 3, 2013

James Graham’s epic political drama THIS HOUSE at the Olivier in the National Theatre has all of the gravitas and excitement of a Shakespearean History play. The play is set during possibly the single most important period in our recent Parliamentary history when there was a clear working class representative Labour Government opposed by the Tory class opposition. A time when working people had a direct say in how our country was run before it was turned over to Private enterprise.

I love this play so I saw it twice. First I sat in the auditorium and then I was lucky enough to get on the stage in the Government benches close to the action. What a complete rush to be so close to the actors. I felt a part of the play cheering “Aye” when we on the Government side won a vote. Bruiser Phil Daniels and Intellectual and caring Vincent Franklin play the Labour Chief Whip and Julian Wadham plays the “Aristotwat” Tory Chief Whip. They are all exceptional performances. The whole ensemble cast switch between several characters each, together creating a wonderful live on stage version of the House of Commons. There are some truly accurate impersonations of the originals.

At the heart of the play are the two Deputy Chief Whips played by Reece Dinsdale for Labour and Charles Edwards for the Conservatives. Through these two characters we learn about the balance of the conflict and the respect which held the opposite sides of the house together. Two remarkable performances at the centre of an amazing ensemble of brilliance.



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