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The Mouse and His Child

March 7, 2013

The RSC HAD a wonderful reputation for its Christmas Shows with classics such as “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” that I took Daniel Kerr to and “Matilda” that I took Harriette Walters-Hutton and Ben Ccfc Macskimming to. This year it felt less of a Christmas Show and more of a bad hangover from the RSC Christmas Party.

I cannot stress enough how bad this show is. The Tasmin Oglesbury play itself is completely not suited to the large auditorium at the RSC. The characters are totally lost in the very boring and basic set. I would like to say it looks like “austerity” had arrived at the RSC but I know an enormous creative team at great wasted expense have attempted to put this calamity together.

For the story to come alive we need to believe the characters yet not one of them seems to have any skill in movement. Clumsy and clunky. It seemed as though the cast had just piled off their charabanc on to the stage after a boozy lunch in a local pub where they decided to improvise a lot. They looked wooden, upright and uptight as if the shock of the audience had reminded them that people were actually paying.

This little play at a venue such as the Southwark Playhouse with a young cast who know how to move for an audience paying £16 a night may have a chance. The RSC has put together a Titanic monstrosity which I am convinced will sink without a trace!



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