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9 to 5 the musical

March 6, 2013

Dolly Parton’s adaptaion of the iconic 1980 movie, “9 to 5 the musical” at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham is shockingly bad. I had a sinking feeling as soon as Dolly Parton, who I admire and LOVED in concert was projected into a decorated oval high above the stage. She comes back now and again including to sing “9 to 5” in the finale with all of her fans in the audience (including us) on their feet for a good old sing song. With her trademark shameless commercialism she asks her fans to spread the news about her show if they like it and to those who don’t like it not to bother because it will be successful anyway.

I was certainly “entertained” during the first act by the chaos and antics on stage although sometimes they left me questioning my perception of reality. Lizzie Spooner and Claire Beavers laughing next to me helped to keep me laughing with them. I was also giggling at Mike’s mostly shocked expression. The second Act was just plain awful. I agree with Mike that it is a pity they did not leave the safety curtain down at the interval and we all just went home laughing.

My credit to the great cast and orchestra who perform exceptionally professionally and with incredible energy and enthusiasm. I love Ben Richards, Bonnie Langford is sensational and Amy Lennox is a brilliant Dolly. The problem here is the material not the performance.



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